What to Wear on a Roadtrip

What to Wear on a Roadtrip

Summer is on its way and one thing it is famous for is road trips. Road trips are commonly associated with youthful adventure and summertime as a whole. With time, they have slowly gained popularity in Nigeria.

However, going on a road trip, particularly in Nigeria, comes with its own unique set of challenges, particularly with our roads themselves. As a result, sturdy footwear is needed to survive a road trip in Nigeria.

Here are a few ideas for footwear to opt for when going on a road trip.

  1.       Sneakers: Sneakers are already the official shoes for the laid-back but they are particularly useful during road trips because they are so versatile in their use.

While on the road itself, they are very comfortable. If you’ll be doing a significant amount of walking or hiking during your trip, sneakers are the perfect option for you.

If you’ll be visiting places of interest during your trip, they serve as semi-formal shoes.

It is preferable to carry more than one pair of sneakers- one for functionality when walking or hiking and one for going out.

Avoid sneakers made out of suede and similar materials as they are prone to get dirty. Instead, opt for leather sneakers.

  1.       Sandals: Sandals can be just as semi-formal as sneakers but are much more low-maintenance.

They allow the feet to breathe and are less likely to slip off. If you will be walking a lot, then sandals might be a better option than sneakers.


If you will be hiking, however, they might not be the best option as the straps might snap while you climb.

For visiting places of interest, sandals are just as appropriate as sneakers and are generally easier to clean.

If you decide to go with sandals, go with the sturdiest pair you can find to avoid them getting damaged.

  1.       Slippers: Slippers are what you wear when you aren’t even trying.

Road trips in themselves are for relaxation and adventure and slippers are a great reflection of this.

They require almost effort to put on and take off. It should be kept in mind that they are not very suitable for walking or hiking but rather for the drive itself.

Surviving a road trip requires going with the right tools which extend to your footwear as well. Choose shoes that are comfortable, suitable for the activities you will be engaging in and easy to clean.