Wearing Casual Shoes to Serious Places

Wearing Casual Shoes to Serious Places

While the rules of fashion are constantly being re-invented and remade, a few rules remain constant. One of these rules is the distinction between ‘casual’ shoes and ‘formal’ shoes. Usually, these rules could be worked over by fashionistas, but most workplaces strictly enforce them.


What is to be done then? Believe it or not, there are actually ways by which casual shoes can be worn to work and not look out of place. While it is best to adhere to your workplace’s dress code, here are a few ways to wear casual shoes to serious places like work, meetings and so on.


  • Follow the spectrum: It is important first of all, to understand that there are casual shoes and casual shoes. Whether a shoe is serious or casual isn’t a black and white affair. Some shoes are very serious while some are casual and some are somewhere in between. The last group are the types that you should be considering.Some shoes are actually too casual looking to be worked into a work outfit.

  • Keep it single: If you are trying to wear a pair of otherwise casual shoes in a work outfit, make sure that the shoes are the only thing that is very casual. A  pair of interestingly-coloured shoes can be worked through, but various casual pieces of clothing at once might not work and might get you in trouble.

  • Keep a theme going: If you want to wear a pair of loafers, for example, let your entire outfit carry a business-casual vibe. If you’re trying to pull off casual shoes to work, they need to blend with the theme of your entire outfit and not stick out like a sore thumb (this leads to you looking ridiculous). The more consistent your theme, the better you will look overall.

  • Accessorise accordingly: To avoid your shoes standing out in the wrong way, be sure to carry accessories that go well with them. This could mean accessories of the same make, colour and whatnot. This goes back to our earlier point of keeping a theme not only with your clothing but with your accessories as well.


So there you have it. Some people want to wear casual shoes to serious places for comfort purposes or simply as a fashion statement. Either way, it has to be well executed. The last thing you want is to look a hot mess when stepping out. However, with the above steps, you too can rock those casual shoes everywhre.