Taking Care of Your Shoes During the Harmattan

Taking Care of Your Shoes During the Harmattan

It’s official: the harmattan season is upon us. It’s safe to say that almost no one looks forward to the Harmattan season. Everyone’s skin is dry, everywhere is dusty and worst of all, it wrecks havoc on our shoes.


Shoes are known to take quite a hit during the harmattan months and some people actively dread the season for this reason specifically. Luckily, the harmattan period doesn’t have to spell doom for our precious footwear. Here are a few tips for caring for your shoes during the Harmattan.



  • Avoid Suede: Suede is known to be one of the most stylish footwear materials. It is also one of the types that collect dust most easily. Needless to say, suede shoes are most likely to be covered in dust which might prove to be difficult to remove. There are a good number of suede fabric cleaners on the market, but it’s probably best to avoid wearing suede for a while.


  • Disposable Wipes: While shoes of other materials might not collect dust quite as easily as suede, it doesn’t make them immune to the perils of harmattan dust. To combat this, carry single-use disposable shoe wipes during the day to give your shoes a quick shine.


  • Clean Often: Tthe biggest problem that most shoes encounter during harmattan is that shoes collect dust. If the shoes in question are not cleaned regularly, several layers of dust will form and can eventually get caked and will be difficult to remove. Whenever you wear shoes out during the harmattan season, clean them to perfection to avoid built-up dirt that will cause a nuisance even after the harmattan has ended.


  • Avoid patterns: Just as its best to avoid suede during this time, it’s also wise to avoid shoes with carved-in patterns on their surface. The reason for this is that dust entering those tiny indentations will be quite hard to remove and the more dust that gets in there, the more visible it will be.


  • Embrace conditioner: Harmattan is known for drying out everything- skin, hair, clothes and even leather. During this period, leather goods can get dried out and which gives them a bit of a faded appearance. Along with regular cleaning, it would be a good idea to use leather conditioner on your leather-wear. This prevents it from drying out and helps retain its shine.

No matter the weather, your shoes deserve to be taken care of. So, follow our easy tips and let your shoes sine, harmattan or not.