Soled Out: Taking Care of Your Soles

Soled Out: Taking Care of Your Soles

Most of the time, we can tell when a pair of shoes has been well taken care of by just looking at them. A well-polished exterior is often indicative of shoes being well cared for. However, one part of the shoe that isn’t as well noticed is the sole.


The soles of a shoe have the misfortune of being the part of the shoe that bears the brunt of its use Even the best-looking shoes often have worn out, barely alive soles. The soles of shoes need love just as much as other parts. A lot of people don’t think this way and soles are often left to deteriorate.


To avoid this, adopt some of the following steps to care for your soles.


  • Watch your step: The biggest reason why shoe soles are often so worn out is that they are the part of the shoe that is put to work the most. They aa=re constantly in contact with the ground and are the least protected part of the shoe. This is why a majority of shoe damage is found on or around the sole.

To minimize the potential damage, one of the best steps is to mind your step. One of the things that cause sole damage is poor walking habits. Dragging feet, kicking habitually and repeated scrapping the soles of your feet will lead to damage to the soles.


  • It is also advisable to rinse down the soles of your shoes as much as possible, particularly if you’ve walked in mud or over sandy surfaces. One of the biggest things that cause sole damage is friction. When you walk over surfaces like these, particles get stuck to the soles of the shoe. If you continue to walk without rinsing the surface, the particles will repeatedly scratch against the sole, eventually causing damage and indentures.  You should also be careful about what surfaces you walk on.



  • Many people are particular about the soles of their shoes looking good, even though they are constantly in use. One of the best practices for this is polishing the soles of the show. There are a number of services as well as special polishes for the soles of the shoes that keep them clean and presentable.



Keeping the soles of your shoes looking good isn’t an anomaly and isn’t an impossible task. With the right tools and steps, every inch of your shoe will be left looking fabulous.