Shoe storage hacks

Shoe storage hacks

It’s no secret that the way you store your shoes is a huge indicator of how long they will last. Shoes that are carefully stored are less prone to damage and will have a longer lifespan.

It’s a common trope of many people simply toss their shoes into an ever-growing pile of shoes in their homes or in a corner in their room. This holds true for the most part but shouldn’t be so as there are countless ways to store shoes.

  1.       Shoe boxes: Depending on where you purchase your shoes, you may or may not have a box that comes with each shoe. Many people tend to discard these boxes. However, they are great for storing shoes. Not only do they prevent the shoes from getting dusty but also make storage more convenient.

Boxes can be stacked and stored with ease and the shoes are less likely to get damaged. This method of storage is recommended if you are keeping shoes stored for extended periods of time or if you are traveling.

  1.       Shoe shelves: Shoe shelves are mini-shelves that are designed for the storage of shoes. Every pair of shoes has its own compartment and they are usually see-through.

Shoe shelves give an amazing amount of organization to shoe storage and some come with added features such as air filters to ensure that the shoes constantly aired out and even time locks for when the owners leave for extended periods of time.

  1.       Shoe trees: Shoe trees are most recommended for those who are too lazy to put away their shoes in boxes or shelves.

Shoe trees work in the same way coat racks do. One simply takes off their shoes and hangs each pair on a branch of the tree. This has the advantage that they are more convenient to use and also that the shoes are more likely to receive air since they are farther from the ground.

This means they are less likely to grow stale due to lack of aeration and smell.

  1.       Air-tight bags: Air-tight bags are bags that contract when items are stored in them. The purpose of this is to eliminate any air from getting inside them and thus, prevent odor, mold or dust from forming on the items stored.

Use one of these if you will be storing your shoes for an extended period of time. If you can’t get air-tight bags, use cling film instead.



Storage of shoes can be done more easily and more conveniently with the above hacks.

Make sure to try them and keep your shoes lasting longer.