Shoe Covers

Shoe Covers

Due to the nature of their use, shoes, particularly the parts of them that g=have direct contact with the ground, endure a lot of abuse and damage.


As a result, several things have been created to mitigate the effects of this abuse and keep shoes lasting as long as possible. One of these is shoe covers.

Shoe covers are materials that are designed to be wrapped around the bottom part of shoes to protect them from rough ground, scratches and other potential harm.

Shoe covers can be used both when the individual is walking and when the shoes are being stored. Some people use shoe covers so religiously you’d never guess their shoes had ever been worn.

While not every period of time calls for shoe covers, there are times where they are more needed than others. For example, if there have been recent rains or there is mud or dust on the ground, you might want to consider putting on a pair of shoe covers.



This also applies to when you anticipate walking on rough or rocky surfaces. This prevents many scratches from appearing on the shoes.

Shoe covers come in many colours with some being so transparent that they are difficult to notice to others that are more visible.

One of the biggest concerns some have with shoe covers is that they might cause the user to slip. Fortunately, shoe covers have become so advanced that they are created to be slip-proof and as such, are not a hazard to wear.

If you will be storing a pair of shoes for a considerable amount of time, shoe covers will prevent any dust or mould pilling up on its surface. Shoe covers work in the same way dress bags work- they protect from almost all outside elements.

You can also make use of shoe covers if your shoes are being put in a suitcase or any other container with other items that can scratch or damage them.

Shoe covers can be purchased in most shoe stores and in some places, there are machines that automatically apply shoe covers to shoes merely by placing the shoe on a platform.


If any of these are too expensive or out of reach for you, you can DIY them. By simply using clear cling film, you can cover up your shoes.

Whatever option you decide to go for, make sure your shoes are covered up and protected.