Shoe care: Rainy season survival guide

Shoe care: Rainy season survival guide

By now, you’ve probably experienced a little bit of the first rains of the year, the inescapable sign that the rainy season will soon be upon us.

Some people are excited about the coming rains. After all, it means that there will be less heat and more excuses to stay in bed. Others hate the rainy season. For them, it signifies everywhere becoming cold and wet and in the case of shoes, potentially damaged.

Navigating daily life during the rainy season can be a bit tricky. You have to carry an umbrella almost everywhere, drying clothes is a pain and of course, shoes easily get wet, muddy and ruined.

This does not have to be so. While we cannot do anything about the coming rains, we can prevent them from claiming any of our precious shoes.

  •         Pick the right shoes: While several precautions can and will be taken during the rainy season, one of the easiest ways to prevent your shoes from being damaged is to avoid wearing certain types.

Shoes made from a material such as suede are more susceptible to damage and should only be worn if absolutely necessary.

Instead, shoes made of water-proof items like rubber should be used more. You should also wear more of sandals and less of full-coverage shoes like Oxfords.

Sandals do not have inner soles and so if they do get wet, they will not retain moisture and smell with time.

  •         Walk this way: Regardless of what type of shoe you choose to wear, it is imperative that you walk with care and avoid having to walk in the water.

Avoid flooded areas as much as possible and avoid walking in the rain.

  •         Shoe covers: On the off chance you do have to walk in an area that is wet or muddy, make sure to wear shoe covers. This will prevent the shoes getting wet or muddy. Keep a pair in your car or on your person at all times in case it rains unexpectedly.

  •         Damage control: If your shoes do get wet or stained, it is important that you do not allow the damage to go unchecked.’

If water gets on the inside of your shoes, dry them out immediately and if any mud gets on the inside or outside of the shoe, make sure you clean it immediately. If these are not cleaned on time, it could lead to odour or permanent damage.

The rainy season will be here soon and it is best to prepare ahead of time to prevent damage to your shoes. Pick the right shoes, wear them with caution, prevent damage to shoes as much as possible and if there is some damage, mitigate it as soon as possible.