Restoring Old Shoes

Restoring Old Shoes

One of the telltale signs of a good shoe is its longevity.


Everyone knows someone (or is someone) who has a pair or two that has survived many seasons and is still kicking, after all, that time. Truly, few things are as interesting as old shoes that are still going.

Regardless of this, there is still the need for old shoes to undergo restoration. As much as some shoes are able to stand the test of time, it is quite rare that they do so without any wear and tear and other signs of ageing.

If you or anyone you know has an elderly pair of shoes they wish to restore to past glory, here are a few tips:


  • Take it to a professional: There are a number of people whose job it is to care for shoes and restoration isn’t left out.

Your average cobbler probably would be able to restore an old pair of shoes for a fee. There are also a few mich businesses that specialise in the restoration of shoes.

Taking your old shoes to one of these businesses should do the trick, especially if you aren’t very well-versed in shoe care. With some good work done of the shoes, they should be good as new.


  • Repair: One of the biggest signs of a pair of shoes being old is damaged and worn out parts.

These include buckles, soles, strings and whatnot.


One of the quickest ways to breathe life into old shoes is to replace worn out parts. You can purchase these parts from a cobbler or form a shoe care store. The new parts can even be used to give off a modern feel on an antique item.

Once old and damaged parts are replaced, the bulk of the work is done.


  • Revamp the leather: Older shoes tend to have faded, cracked, dried out or damaged leather.

Most times, you can tell how old a shoe is by the leather. Is it faded? Cracked? Worn out?

In this case, there are a variety of treatment options.

In the case of faux leather, the covering can be replaced with a new one.

In the case of authentic leather, you can steam, polish and wash the leather to restore it.

It might not look as new as it did when first made, but it will likely be presentable and decent looking.


The fact that a pair of shoes has been around a while doesn’t mean that it is condemned. Whether done by yourself or by professionals, old shoes can and should be restored.