Preventing Foot Cramps

Preventing Foot Cramps

There is a saying that goes ‘He who wears the shoe knows where it pinches’. This is not only a wise saying but a literal fact. Most people are familiar with that pair of shoes that hurt their heels and cramps their toes. Some have even gotten used to it.

However, cramped toes are nothing to get used to. They not only cause discomfort throughout the day but if the shoes in question are worn on a daily basis, they can damage the toes and in some cases, crack the toenails.

The good thing is that preventing toe cramps isn’t a very difficult task and with some guidance can easily be achieved.


The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that the biggest reason for foot cramps in wearing shoes of the wrong size or the wrong design for your feet.

Before even purchasing a pair of shoes, it is imperative that you check an double check the size. It might seem ridiculous, but a lot of people don’t know their actual shoe size. Feet, like every part of the body, grows with time and some people’s feet have grown half a size or so while they still but shoes in the size they were years ago. Every year or so, check our feet against a size chart (this takes less than 10 seconds).


When you are sure of your shoe size, make sure you buy shoes in online that size. Oftentimes, people buy a pair of shoes half a size or a size smaller than their feet in order to sav money or because it is the last pair available. However, you shouldn’t risk damaging your feet in order to save money or because you want a pair of shoes so badly.


Besides size, the make of a pair of shoes should also be taken into consideration. Some shoes become very narrow towards the tip and f your have large toes or wide feet, these could be very restricting for you. As a result, this needs to be considered as well.

Another factor that often causes foot discomfort is socks that are too thick. This is because they take up too much room in the shoes, giving little space for the feet and as a result, they get cramped. Because of this, you should avoid too thick socks that take up too much space.


Foot cramping can have detrimental effects on your health on the long term. Follow our guide above to ensure comfortable and uncrmaped feet.