Go Bold: Wearing Shoes With Unconventional Colors

Go Bold: Wearing Shoes With Unconventional Colors

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Shoes can be everything from simple to extravagant and as time goes on, more and more people are experimenting with different types of shoes. This includes shoes of bold, bright and downright eccentric colors. These have been popularized by eye-catching photoshoots, music videos and other facets of pop culture.


You might have the urge to rock these bold beauties but might not know how to. After all, the reason these shoes are so interesting is that they are highly unconventional. And like all things unconventional, they can easily seem blizzard, childish and downright ridiculous.


A lot of people shy away from shoes in certain colors out of fear of looking silly and play it safe. However, you don’t have to. There are many ways to rock unconventional shoes without looking like a clown,


The first thing to keep in mind is where the shoes in question will be worn to. As mentioned earlier, these shoes are often featured in music videos, photo shoes or on runways which are somewhat informal settings. These types of shoes are often a form of artistic or individualistic expressions.

This means that they shouldn’t be worn to work or other settings where there is a strict dress code. The last thing you want to do is look inappropriate. Days out, clubs and other leisure outings are perfect for wearing these sorts of shoes out.

You also want to consider how your shoes fit into the overall feel of your outfit. One of the easiest mistakes to make when wearing unconventional shoes is branching out and making the entire outfit unconventional. This often means brightly colored shoes paired with similarly unconventional clothing like brightly colored shirts and trousers with patterned trousers and what not.

The problem with this is that the entire outfit ends up looking ridiculous. Outside of music videos and over-the-top fashion shoots, these types of looks come off as absurd.


The best way to wear unconventional shoes is to have the shoes be the only unconventional part of the overall look. This allows the shoes to shine and not get overshadowed by the rest of the outfit. For maximum effect, you could make all the other items in the outfit be very plain, then throw in the unconventional shoes to give your outfit an edge.

You should also make sure to wear your unconventional shoes as an occasional trick up your sleeve rather than an everyday affair. The appeal of unconventional shoes is that they aren’t an everyday affair, but rather an aesthetically pleasing anomaly.