Getting your shoe size right

Getting your shoe size right

There are many things that make the experience of wearing shoes uncomfortable; unfavorable weather, wearing the shoes for too long, and of course, wearing shoes that are the wrong size for you.

This might not seem like a big deal but it actually. Wearing shoes of the wrong size can lead to a lot of discomforts. Beyond this, they can actually damage your feet. Shoes that are too tight can constrict the toes (and break your nails in the process, cut off blood flow to the feet and if worn too often, fracture your foot bones.

Shoes that are too big, on the other hand, will make your steps awkward and will get damaged more easily due to the lack of proper anchorage.

With all these considered, it is imperative that you wear shoes that are the right size for you. How do you know this, however? Most people simply try on a number of shoes and decide that their shoe size is whatever one seems to fit best. Some people don’t even bother to re-check their shoe size throughout their adult lives and assume that the size they determined the first time will always be their size.

Rather than engage in these practices, you should have your feet properly fitted and sized to determine what shoe size you should be wearing. This can be done in a number of ways.

  1.       Use a sizer: If you walk into certain shoe stores, you’ll see shoe sizers on their floors. These sizers are in the shape of very large feet with several smaller foot illustrations inside.

Foot size is determined by the customer placing their feet on the sizer. Whatever shoe illustration their feet measure into indicates their shoe size. This is one of the most accurate ways to tell your shoe size.

  1.       Measure at home: Another method of shoe sizing is to measure your feet either with a tape measure or a ruler by yourself. Take note of your foot length, breadth and width.

When you have determined this, compare your measurements against the international shoe size chart and determine your size from there.

  1.       Trace it: This method is quite old but effective. Keep in mind that this is more effective for cross-checking shoe size rather than making initial determinations. This entails placing your feet flat against a piece of paper and tracing the outline of your feet with a pen or pencil.

After you have traced the outline, cut out the outline and use the cut-out as a representation of your feet. To make sure that the shoe you want to purchase is your size, insert your cut-out into the shoe, laying it flat inside it.

Make sure the cutout has some allowance and if it can comfortably fit inside, the shoe is your size.

There is no reason to walk around with ill-fitting shoes. Follow the above steps and be certain of your shoe size.