Coordinating Your Shoes With Your Outfit

Coordinating Your Shoes With Your Outfit

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Shoes are a small part of the larger concept that is an outfit. But like every small part of a larger concept, they can and often are out of place.

Shoes in some cases are made to stand out from the overall outfit which in itself isn’t a bad thing. However, it also sometimes occurs that a pair of shoes is completely out of synch with the rest of the outfit. Either due to its colour, make or anything else. This usually brings negative attention to the wearer and makes the entire outfit look ridiculous. Fortunately, these situations can be avoided with a few steps:


  • Follow the belt and shoe principle: One of the oldest and most consistent rules of men’s fashion is that your shoes and belts should always match when worn together.

This rule serves as a  threshold for determining whether your shoes or belt go with the entirety of your outfit. Make sure you follow this rule to a T. Even if your shoes are in tune with the rest of your outfit, they will look odd if they do not match with your belt.

  • Keep to a theme: When you are going out, make sure that your outfit has a theme to it and maintain this theme even down to your shoes. If you are wearing a three-piece suit, don’t pair it with a pair of sneakers. The shoes you wear with an outfit need to work with whatever theme the outfit is going with.

Casual outfits need casual shoes and formal outfits need formal shoes.


  • Colour scheme: Nothing will make a pair of shoes stand out for the wrong reasons than being in a colour that is off compared to the rest of the outfit. This can easily be avoided in two ways.

The first is to wear neutral-coloured shoes as much as possible. Black and brown shoes, for instance, tend to go with virtually every outfit possible and are hard to go wrong with,

Another option is to make sure that whatever shoes you wear to match the colour scheme of the outfit. By doing this, you make sure that your outfit will stand out for the right reasons and not because people are looking and laughing at your absurd choice of footwear.


Shoes are one of the biggest finishing touches to an outfit and thus, it is imperative that they coordinate beautifully with whatever you are wearing. Follow our above guide and you can’t go wrong.