Viattu was birthed out of the idea that all feet are created equal, but need to be lifted up.

Good shoes take you places

Brand value

A sophisticated indigenous brand of luxury men’s footwear hand-crafted by the finest artisans from the finest of premium animal leather made to enhance your personality.


Viattu is renowned for our uncompromising standards, from the clicking to the lasting to the finishing, we follow the grand old Italian art of shoe-making.


Viattu deploys modern technology, blending it with exotic Italian style for the production of fine quality men’s shoe for Nigerians.

Walk in your shoes

The Viattu Advantage - Quality shoes for men in Nigeria

When we set out on this venture, we knew we wanted quality, but we weren't interested in creating a pair of a couple hundred thousand Naira shoes. We never understood why beautiful, timeless shoes were still monopolized by the traditional foreign brands while other parts of the fashion world were being disrupted by the innovative local talents.

Value provided to customers

Premium Shoes
Low Price

Suddenly, a light bulb went off. Let's make our own shoes and deliver them directly to customers. High quality full-grain leather. No middleman markups. From our hands to yours using the power of the Internet, with an assist from the delivery guy.