Caring for Sandals

Caring for Sandals

If Oxfords are the upright standing citizens of the shoe world, then sandals are their laid-back hippie brothers that spend their weekends on the beach and work in an art gallery.


Sandals in many cases are the best of both worlds- they are casual enough that they require little effort to put on, take off or walk about in and yet serious enough that they are a step above rubber flip-flops.

As a result of this, they have gained a reputation as the easy-going footwear for when you don’t have much going on and don’t need to dress very formal.


Unfortunately, this has led to many people neglecting their sandals which in turn reduces their lifespans.

While they are low-maintenance compared to other shoes, this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be maintained.

First of all, they should be polished. Tthe thought of polishing sandals might seem unnecessary but it will do you a lot of good. If the sandal is made of leather material, leather polish should be used to polish them.

The same rule applies if it is made of suede material. There is no reason your sandals should look good wherever you wear them to. Invest in some sandal posh as soon as possible.

You should also watch how you walk. Many people reserve sandals for when they are going to ‘rough’ areas. While this helps to prevent damage to more formal shoes, sandals aren’t to be used as the sacrfifical shoes that bear all the burdens of going out.


This easily leads to sandals being worn out before their time and the soles being scratched and unsightly. As much as possible, use your sandals with as much care as you would your regular shoes.

They should also be repaired as soon as any damage is done to them. This includes loose buckles, loose soles, cracked fabric and so on.

The repair job in question should be a thoroughly done one and not a quickly done job to simply hold it together.

Sandals should also receive as much treatment as other shoes such as waxing, steaming, polishing, and whatnot.

Shoes that get this sort of treatment tend to last longer and look better than those that don’t.

While sandals might be the laid-back child of the shoe family, they do not need to be handled in a laid-back manner.

In fact, they should receive better treatment than being tossed into a dusty pile and barely cleaned when it’s time to go out. They should be cleaned, worn with care and repaired when necessary.