Buying shoes online: a guide

Buying shoes online: a guide

Like everything else, buying shoes over the internet is tricky at times. There’s no shortage of stories of ordering shoes that look one way in online pictures and receiving something completely different and often unsatisfactory.

This has led to a good number of people completely unwilling to buy shoes over the internet at all. This, however, shouldn’t discourage you. There are many ways to buy shoes over the internet that won’t lead to you being dissatisfied and angry with the real-life product.

Most of these come down to doing research and taking necessary precautions. Take the following steps while buying shoes online:

  1.      Buy from reputable sites: There is no shortage of scams over the internet.

There are a number of fake sites that accept payment from buyers and never send the product or send them late.

For your own protection, only buy shoes from well-known and reputable sellers as you are less likely to run into problems.

If you do run into any problems along the way, you will have access to customer service and your complaints are more likely to be addressed.

Avoid sketchy-looking sites with no digital trace as their products are more likely to be of poor quality.

  1.      Follow size charts: Shoe sizing can be tricky to navigate, even in real life with sizes varying by region and from brand to brand.

Buying shoes over the internet is even more tricky as you aren’t seeing the product in real life or trying it out.

To avoid the common problem of shoes being the wrong size when delivered, study the site’s sizing chart and convert the sizes if it is in a sizing type you aren’t familiar with. For example, if the site uses the U.S sizing chart and you are more used to the U.K chart, confirm by converting to the U.K chart and don’t make assumptions.  

  1.      Study the display pictures: Unless the shoes being advertised are made by the vendor, be very careful about taking the site’s display pictures as an accurate representation of the product.

Stock photos are stolen all the time and make sure the picture being used is the actual product and not taken from another site.

Even then, make sure to zoom in on the display pictures and make sure the details are to your liking. Read the product description and make sure you are comfortable with the material, colour and fit of the shoes.

  1.      Read reviews: Product and service reviews were created for the purpose of protecting prospective buyers from deceptive brands.

However, many people still neglect to read reviews of products before buying them. This should not be so. Before you patronize an online shoe brand, read reviews from previous customers and make sure the brand has a good reputation for delivering good products.

  1.      Complain if necessary: If for any reason you are unhappy with the product that is delivered to you, speak to a customer care representative. More likely than not, they will be happy to exchange the shoe or refund your payment.

If you are very dissatisfied with the brand, leave a review warning others about them.

Despite the confusion of online shopping, it is possible to navigate them and get the shoes you want. Follow our helpful guide to avoid the common pitfalls of shopping for shoes online.