Breathe Easy: Avoiding Foot Odour

Breathe Easy: Avoiding Foot Odour

We are currently at that time of the ear where everywhere is hot. We’re not talking about your average heat. We’re talking about the kind of heat that makes you start sweating fifteen minutes after you take a shower (making you question why you bothered in the first place). It seems everyone is always sweating. This leads to uncomfortable body odours, sweat-drenched clothes, and of course, foot odour.


This foot odour is a direct result of sweating. Feet are often in shoes for most of the day and as a result, they tend to sweat. Combine this with the current heatwave we are experiencing, and you have a lot of sweaty feet. This then leads to them smelling unpleasant. On top of this, they become slippery in their shoes, making them uncomfortable for their owners and embarrassing in the event that their feet are taken out in public.


To avoid such an uncomfortable situation, here are some tips to prevent foot odour:


  • Foot covers: We’ve previously discussed foot covers, but they are very relevant during this season. They not only keep the inside of the shoes clean but help prevent them from smelling. Should your feet seat during the day, they act as a sort of handkerchief and absorb the swat, preventing them from seeping into the shoe.

  • Let Your Feet Breathe: Many people have to wear shoes that fully cover their feet due to work obligations. However, as much as you can, wear shoes that don’t constrict the feet like sandals and slippers. These make the feet less prone to sweat and smell.

  • Foot Spray: If you’re trying to avoid foot odour, you might want to consider investing in foot spray. Foot spray, like the name implies, are sprays that are designed for feet to prevent odour and give off fragrance.

  • Air out your shoes: Regardless of our best efforts, there is still the chance that some sweat will get on the inside of your feet at some point. The problem arises when the sweat is allowed to stay in the shoes and give off odour. To prevent this, air out or sundry shoes regularly to kill the bacteria that causes these odours and keep the shoe smelling fresh.

So there you have it. While we try to get through the current heat, it is important to ensure that foot and shoe dour doesn’t become a festering problem. With these tips, you should be able to survive this period of heat smelling fresh and clean.