All About Foot Care

All About Foot Care

Thanks to modern civilization and possibly the rise of lifestyle content, humans seem to take care of their bodies more than ever. This isn’t limited to general cleanliness, but the care of specific body parts. From facial masks to remove whiteheads to foot care brands, everyone seems to take their hygiene more seriously.


On the topic of foot care, there has been a boom in the market of footcare products. Often regarded as one of the most unsightly parts of the human body, feet are finally getting the care and pampering they deserve: and for good reason. Clean and well-maintained feet contribute greatly to the care of shoes, mostly by preventing shoe odor and fungus. Here are some of the ways by which feet can be taken care of better.


  • Foot soap: Yes, you read that right. There are specific soaps that are made for feet. These soaps are designed to fight certain bacteria that are present in the corners of feet, under our soles and between our toes. Investing in some good foot soap can help to combat foot odor and fungus well beyond what regular soap.

  • Foot scrubs: One of the best ways that germs are harbored on the feet is through dead skin that isn’t removed on time. This is where foot scrubs come in. They help to remove these dead skin cells and allow for the feet to be cleaned more thoroughly.

  • Pedicure: As much as foot scrubs help to remove dead skin cells, they might not be as selective as a good old fashioned pedicure. It is recommended that a person get a pedicure every few weeks. This not only removes dead skin but keeps the toenails short and clean with less chance of a fungus infection.

  • Foot cream: When feet are washed and smothered in cream, they often sweat and this slowly leads to a build-up of odor in the shoes. Foot creams are specially designed to prevent foot sweating which in turn prevents foot odor.

  • Foot spray: Foot spray is very revolutionary in this they keep feet smelling good throughout the day. On top of this, this fragrance often seeps into the shoe being worn and make sure that they shoes smell nice.

Its time has shown us anything, it is that feet deserve as much care as any other part of the body.  While they aren’t seen as much, they should be well cared for, and with these steps, your feet should look and feel fresh and clean.